Oil-free fried oreos! (very simple)

I just want to go oil-free , so I decided to try an oil free fried cookies! You would thought it’s baked lol

Oil-free fried Cookie Oreo Recipe

You need:
Pancake Mixture
Non-stick pan

1. You just need to coat the oreos with the pancake mixture

(if you don’t know how to make a pancake mixture here’s a link to a basic pancake mix! —-> http://www.food.com/recipe/basic-pancake-mix-48635 you do not need to put a baking soda and powder , anyway it’s optional it depends on you :)

2. Heat up your non stick pan and make sure it’s in medium heat.

3. Put the coated oreos in the non-stick pan (one by one) about an inch apart from another oreo.

4. Flip it over and over until it’s a little brown and make sure it’s cooked!

It’s great to partnered  your fried oreos with vanila, strawberry or mango ice cream.

(sorry for my wrong grammar)


Balay ni Mayang

Performed by Martina San Diego & Kyle Wong

Anhi-a ko diri sa balay
Kay gimingaw na ko nimo gamay
Ayaw na pagdugay-dugay
Pagdali na’g anhi kay ganahan ko kitang duha diri mugpahuway

Nagsakit ang akong dughan (Oy inday, kay ngano man?)
Ikaw ra ang hinungdan (Ako ra gyud wa nay uban)
Makahilak sad kog ahat (Unsa man akong gibuhat?)
Akong kasing-kasing imong gikawat

Anhi-a ko dri sa balay (Chill lng gud, dili na ko magdugay)
Kay gimingaw na ko nimo gamay
Ayaw na pagdugay-dugay
Pagdali na’g anhi kay ganahan ko kitang duha diri mugpahuway
Ganahan ko kitang duha diri mugpahuway

Ayaw ko pahuwata, nagluha akong mga mata
Busa hinaot nga unta kitang duha magkita na

Ani-a nako sa inyong balay
Maglabing-labing lang kanunay
Ihatag ko kanimo ang imong kalipay
Hulmigason mura og kamay
Among atop bisag gi-anay
Murag atong gugma na dili mamatay


Lemons, A natural pimple scar and dark spots remover! and healthy refreshing juice drink!

Lemons, A natural pimple scar and dark spots remover! A healthy refreshing juice drink!

I drink water with fresh lemon juice! After squeezing some lemon, I drink it up! It looses all the vitamins after about 10 minutes it’s also a good pimple scar, dark spots and freckles remover! Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice in a container and then apply the lemon juice to a cotton swab and apply to all affected areas of your face. DO NOT use lemon juice “daily” in treating pimple scars or on your face since it’s very acidic! But I recommend to drink water with fresh lemon juice! It has so much vitamin c that can boost your immune system and make your skin healthy!



It’s tough to hide red, blotchy skin — especially when it’s on your face. Makeup’s a temporary solution, but it’s not the perfect fix. Ultimately, your best bet for dealing with these uneven skin issues is to find out what’s causing them. There are several different possibilities.

One of the most common reasons for red blotches is a reaction to some type of beauty product that you’re using

. Try testing your products on the inside of your wrist to see if they are causing an allergic reaction. If nothing happens, an allergy might still be to blame, but it’s likely to be something else that you’re touching, inhaling or ingesting

[sources: Hyde]. If that’s the case, it’s probably time to see an allergist. In the meantime, try taking an antihistamine to see if the problem goes away.

A sun allergy can also cause red blotches. If you notice that you seem to develop them after spending a day in the sun, you’ve probably solved the mystery. But keep in mind that some medications, like birth control and antibiotics, can make you break out when combined with sun exposure. If you think this might be what’s causing your blotches, make an appointment to see a physician


Most of the time, red blotches on your face are just the result of an annoying allergy, but in some cases they might be signs of something more serious. Skin conditions like rosacea and eczema not only produce red blotches, they can make your skin incredibly uncomfortable as well. If your red, blotchy skin seems to be a more of permanent fixture, it’s time to pay a visit to the dermatologist for proper treatment




Nivea Visage Sparkling White Night Cream

Nivea Visage Sparkling White Night Cream

I’ve been only using it for about two days now, it leaves my skin really smooth. I have a really oily skin even if it’s cold, I still get the oil. I am not sure if this is “Rosacea” it stays away in 2-3 days. I’m not sure if it’s the peel off mask I used or it’s my dirty pillows! Anyway, this cream is really awesome! I’m going to try nivea toner soon but I’ve read the ingredients, I am not sure if methyl paraben is completely safe, but I am looking forward to another toner, I forgat it’s name and it doesn’t have an alcohol, but it has two types of paraben.


DIY: How to make your own lip gloss

DIY: How to make your own lip gloss

All you need is:
Eye shadow (your choice of color)
Petroleum jelly
a tablespoon
*All you need to do is mix the petroleum jelly and your eye shadow in the tablespoon and heat it using the lighter and mix it together! Put it in a little container and wait for minutes and wallah!!! You have your home made lipgloss. You can also use your favorite lipstick and mix it with a different color of eye shadow to make a new color.